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Black Women, globally owning our AMAZING, individually & collectively, while changing the world!

The Amazing Woman Network was founded in an effort to empower and unite women globally for the betterment of the world. With the belief that a nation can only rise as high as its women, AWN strives to bring resources and programs to women and young girls to assist in advancing their collective conditions.

The Amazing Woman Network is now actively empowering women around the world; helping them to focus on several core values, including:

  • Reclaiming Personal Power – in the mind, body & spirit
  • Reclaiming Financial Power – stating that every woman must be financially empowered
  • Reclaiming Social Involvement – women must excel and be able to give back to the communities

The Amazing Woman Network strives to assist Every Black Woman in personally "Owning Her Amazing".


The Amazing Black Woman  The Amazing Black Woman  has given birth to the world. All humanity flows from us, yet WE are disrespected, beat up and beat down. WE are held back and told to stay in our place. WE raise our children and the children of others. WE sacrifice what WE believe and who WE are in support of others. WE are the provider and the protector. WE are the lover and the fighter. WE are the motivator and the encouragor. WE are the healer of others sometimes suffering in our own illness. WE carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. WE pray. WE march. WE start movements and impact elections. WE own small businesses and run billion dollar corporations. WE are  curators and trend setters. WE live. WE love. WE create. WE. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN! WE birthed the world. WE have changed the world. WE will continue to empower the world. WE were born to be AMAZING. It was established at birth!

The Amazing woman network

Empowering women globally to reclaim their power

personally (mind, body & spirit), financially and socially.

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