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Distinguished Member of the Month

The Distinguished Member of the Month Award is given to the nominated member who offers the level of infrastructure support, sisterhood, and generous giving befitting of this title and honor. Named for the SheEO and Founder, the AWN Crystal Award, recognizes with great love and appreciation, the time and efforts demonstrated to build fellowship, camaraderie, and philanthropy throughout the weeks, months, and years of membership.

Yovette Sharfner - December 2019

When you meet people you won’t know what your destiny is with that person.  You won’t know whether that person is supposed to walk with you on your journey of life.  It’s a blessing when you meet someone and they become family. Not only did this Amazing Woman and I become family, I was blessed with new family.... sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews all who welcomed me like I had been there from the beginning and that speaks volumes to the type of person she is. She has be a friend, confidant, wise counsel and so much more.  And talk about hilarious....The laughs we’ve shared, have gotten us through a lot of days.  She has been one of my biggest supporters and I’m not sure we would all be here if she didn’t support me and AWN the way she does.  I absolutely love her to life and am grateful God saw fit to cross our paths.  Thank you Yovette for sharing your amazing with me. ~Crystal L. Gunn

Jamie Gabriel – November 2019

When someone steps up to fill leadership positions, finds herself on committees for which she didn’t join but brings value without complaint, operates behinds the scenes offering guidance and support, leads out front with grace and sees and believes in the vision of AWN and wants to help get us there, she deserves the Amazing Woman of the Month moniker. I don’t believe I get to say THANK YOU enough for all she brings to AWN – her push, her pull, her expected level of excellence that you strive to deliver so not to disappoint, her support and her leadership. Thank you Jamie for walking this journey with me.  ~Crystal L. Gunn

Nina H. Myers- October 2019

The Amazing Woman Network strives to assist Black Women in Owning Our Amazing – individually and collectively.  Every program/workshop/meeting is intentionally designed with that in mind. It’s not enough for me to see women just join the Network. It’s important to see them thrive.  Nina Myers is the epitome of someone Owning Her Amazing. She mentioned early on that she was in a rut. She attended the Vision to Reality- Vision Board party in February 2019 and to date, she has accomplished 90%+ of her goals. You can see her AMAZINGNESS when she walks in the room. She is focused, dedicated and inspiration to us all. Thank you Nina for Owning Your Amazing! ~Crystal L. Gunn

Heather Hetheru Miller - September 2019

Heather has worked tirelessly for The Amazing Woman Network. 95% of the procedures, forms and documents you see, Heather created. We have procedures and forms that I never imagined but we definitely needed. Heather stepped up and offered her expertise. Her words come to life on the pages, which is a testament to who she is and the fact that she understands and believes in the vision of AWN. I am excited to work with her and I look forward to all the lives we will impact under her leadership. Thank you Heather for ALL that you bring to AWN – it’s so much more than documents. ~Crystal L. Gunn


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