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Thank you in advance for your donation to AWN Cares Global.   If there is a specific program under AWN Cares Global that you want your donation to support, please add the program name in the comment section below.

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Red Dot Bags & Boxes - Doing our part to help erase period poverty and monthly shaming of women, one Red Dot Bag at a time. Each Bag contains sanitary supplies and a hand written notecard of encouragement to be distributed to the homeless, shelters, schools and any facility servicing women and girls in need of supplies. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION to purchase supplies.

Rescue the American Dream - Every family deserves to take part in the American Dream of homeownership and wealth building. RAD was created to ensure that no family is left behind.   Some of our major goals are to increase home ownership and real estate investing, improve the villages (neighborhoods), provide training programs in home repair and stimulate small business growth in the community. By accomplishing these goals we create responsible homeowners, increase the tax base, stimulate the economy, build wealth and better communities reigniting people’s belief in the American Dream.

Senior Circle - Our senior population should be revered, cared for and loved because without them, there would be no ‘us’ and if we fellowship with them, we can truly understand the concept of the “whole of life”. Senior Circle strives to give back some of the decades of love given by our seniors, through fellowship, connecting them with our youth, by assisting with tasks and giving them the honor and respect they deserve.

Sister Hugs  The small financial hug that a woman sometimes need when she is doing all things right and the curve ball or hardship comes and she can’t pull herself up by her stiletto straps, but instead needs a one-time financial blessing.

B.E.E. (Build. Encourage. Edify)

BEE is a brand that focuses on Building, Encouraging, and Edifying our youth girls from ages 8 - 21. Within the brand there are programs, workshops, and activities created to reinforce the importance of learning how to BEE. 

In the process of learning how to BEE our young ladies are learning how to BEE their own brand. Owning who you are as a person, developing foundational skills to be successful in an over stimulated world, and learning how to deal with everyday growth concerns that are rooted in relationships forged through the BEE brand. 

Key principles of BEE: 1) Building relationships and community; 2) Encouraging each other to meet goals and milestones; 3) Edifying each other through training and sharing experiences.

Please let me know if this is what you are looking for. 


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