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AWN Red Dot Bags Packing Party - 2/22/2020

Let me tell you something! There is nothing else like the Collective WE in The Amazing Woman Network!

WE scratched the surface today in efforts to end period poverty. WE will continue to build more bags, crush more period poverty, and do it all while smiling, packing, and supporting each other.

Major shout outs to those who came to the party, Rosemary Sharpe-Moore for providing the location.

Doing Amazing things with Amazing women, to support other Amazing women in their time of need, along with supporting and building the collective WE to their next level of Amazing - is trull Amazing! 

~Jamie Gabriel

The 2019 Self Preservation Conference  - 8/10/2019

The 2019 Self Preservation Conference sponsored by W.O.V.E.N., LLC and The Amazing Woman Network focused on everyday women who are taking a stand and reclaiming their lives! This event built on two previous conferences: Mental and Physical Healing held in 2016 and Who Am I held in 2017. The third installment reminds us the importance of preserving yourself after you have healed mentally and physically along with self-discovery.

This event showcased several Amazing Women as the speakers and the Empowerment Supporters were one of a kind. The conference touched on several subject matters: self-reflection, self-appreciation, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-preservation, and self-defense. Subjects that every woman can learn and build their best selves. A truly inspirational day of building, encouraging, and edifying each other through sister and brotherhood as we had several men in the building supporting our community of women.

Ronald McDonald House   - 5/22/19

We had the pleasure of preparing and serving dinner for the residents of Ronald McDonald House Detroit. It was an awesome time of fellowship and bonding as we served others. 

Thank You RMH Staff and Residents. We can't wait until the next time. 

I'm Every Woman Expo  - 3/30/2019

A National Tour Produced by Eloquets Event Enterprise, provides an Expo which brings together all women to engage in better health, financial wellness, education, entrepreneurship, image and unity - all the things that make us better. 

Of course, AWN represented with a booth, attendance and our Founder, Crystal Gunn was one of the panelist speakers. 

The Jamie Gabriel Show  - 3/17/2019

AWN Members showed out in support of our very own Jamie Gabriel for the recordings of her television show. Founder Crystal Gunn was a guest on the Women Entrepreneurs episode. 

Jamie is truly an Amazing Woman. Her hard work and dedication is inspiration to all of us. 


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